Reem Al-Hemaidan

Reem Al-Hemaidan will be participating in White Expo at 360 Mall

Mark your calenders 

Date: 29  -  31 July 2012 

Time: from 8:00 pm  to 1:00 am

for more info about Reem follow her on instagram @reem_alhemaidan
or contact her at Tel: 90056636

Everything you see in the pictures are for sale, the chair, sofa and plates, as it was shoot at The Iris House in Messila. Thank you so much for letting us use the place . for more info click here for the website or follow them on instagram @theirishouse and check what they have

Location: messilah . block 1  st.31 .villa 34  nº2  kuwait
Tel (965)23908002  / (965)23907300 


Alla said…
Beautiful beautiful beautiful collection!!! ❤
BOZO || 3beer said…
جمييله الصور و كل ابو شي بس حبيت اسالك عن المناكير اللي بالصورة الاولى من وين ؟؟ وايش اسمه ؟
Doha Chic said…
I've been trying to call her for days but no answer :(
through email and phone
Destination M said…
mashallah wayed 7lween
I absolutely love this top! Where is it from??
Me Blogging said…
Hi suzanne

Its a long dress , and it was in 2012 , not available right now
Jo Ann Lawhorn said…
There is no way to get this long dress?? It is perfect for a beach wedding I am in March 11, 2014. Please tell me there is a way to get it!
Me Blogging said…
Hello Jo Ann, this is an old collection of Kaftan its not available , the designer will be preparing a new one for ramadan , you could follow her on instagram and contact her . Information on this post

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