Noon My Cousin

هاهاها ما أصدق ، توني إكتشفت صفحة تم عملها على منتدى كويتيات لبنت خالتي زي

OMG that is so funny

Just found out that one of the members of the forum Q8yat had created a page for my cousin Z

مادري ليش مسمينها نون

I'm not sure where did they get the name Noon :) !!

تبون تشوفون الصفحة إضغط هنا
متلخبطين بين زي و مرت خالي ، مو كلهم لزي

واااي ذكروني بكل الجمعات إللي مرت علينا من اول ما بدينا بوست الـ
Friday gathering

تبون تشوفون أكثر ؟ انا عندي صفحه بعد مسويتها وحده  إضغط هنا
 انا الصراحه ما اعرف أستخدمه بس المنتدى هذا وايد مشهور و له جمهور

Click here to see the whole thing

They are mixing cousin Z with my uncle's wife :) 

hehehe thank you for creating this, you reminded me of all the Friday Gatherings we spent taking photos :)  

Wanna see my page at Q8yat? click here 
note: also created by a member - I don't know how to use it


Sarah said…
wow! thats cool 15min of fame ;p
btw the site is blocked :o
Me Blogging said…

sijjj blocked? I could view it :/
Anonymous said…
that me who create this topic about Your cousin Zee ( I red some where in one of your post that you called her noon)
because really she have a Inspiration
look and looks that we share same taste
thank you for this Post
plz send my hellos to Sweet Zee
Sarah said…
me blogging:

yeah... maybe its because of my location :|
i dont get it, this site is blocked in saudi!!!
'7asara :(
i dont get it, this site is blocked in saudi!!!
'7asara :(
سارة said…
lool , mo kel el pictures 7ag z 9a7 feeh cham 9ora 7ag wa7da ba`6a o asman mn zee 9a7 !

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