Chocolate Bar At Al-Hamra Mall

Chocolate Bar is now open at Al-Hamra Mall

Yesterday a number of bloggers and I was invited to attend the new opening of Chocolate Bar

At that day I wasn't feeling well, so I couldn't eat much, I just ordered a salad, the Asian Salad

I LOVED IT, I loved it so much that I immediately informed the owner once she came to check on us, as wow that is a success for a new dish, then I felt so embarrassed to learn that it was there long time ago, its not one of their new dishes :(

Why I haven't I seen it before!!!!

aaaaaanyways, it will be my new addiction in Chocolate Bar 

Opppps forgot to take a picture of it : /

ahhh here is a lovely picture of what was in the pot, from the new menu

I'm not a fan of mac and cheese, but it was delicious, it has different kinds of cheese in it

The funny thing, while I was there I kept checking my instagram account, and saw a picture of mouth-watering sandwiches posted by Mira TigerMood, and I was like, what is this? It looks yummy (picture above). Mira is sitting behind me :) and she is posting plates being offered to her by Chocolate Bar

Thank you Chocolate Bar for, it was pleasure meeting you


Mira said…
:))))) mira foodie mood I Tried every thing الحمدلله

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