Where do we shop in Geneva?

We know Geneva is not Paris or Milan when it comes to shopping, but there are some pretty things in here.

If its sold out in the big cities,  you could find it here in Geneva

Of course all of you know Bongenie, Globus and all the designer boutiques

but there are some small stores that we like to share with you

By the way, Bongenie has an online store now click here

SAB's, they carry some of the following brands like, Etro, Roberto Musso, Tomas Maier, just got me a mint dress from them by Roberto Musso

Located in rue du Purgatoire 3

Picibi, a tiny tiny store that carry Mary Katranzou, Comme des Garcons and jo no fui

Location : Rue de la Madeleine

Septime Etage, they carry mostly American brands, like Alexander Wang and Alice and Olivia

This year we didn't find much in their store, but they mentioned that they will be having a snow white theme and new items to be displayed by next week, so we might go again and see what's in store

They have a website here

Noa used to carry beautiful items, this year they have nothing new, don't know why

If you have kids you might like their collection, specially for girls

For more info you could check Noa's  Blog here

Location: 10 bis rue du Vieux Collège

Charivari chaussures, which is located in  rue d'Italie, the same street where Kokai, Sandro and Maje is. they carry trendy and fancy shoes like  Rupert Sanderson and Alexander Mcqueen 

there are some other stores I didn't mention,  If I take pictures of them I will share them with you

I learned there is an application for Geneva shops called Swiss Shops, you could download it for free at App Store. it might be helpful, but its missing a lot of stores


D said…
Great post but I wished you didnt post that so we enjoy some shopping exclusivity :/
Anonymous said…
great blog! i live in geneva and there is nothing creative like young designers...

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