To pay or not to pay

Interesting article in that talks about journalist and bloggers, the influence of bloggers and whether they should be compensated or not. I like what Karen Robinovitz, co-founder and chief creative officer of Digital Brand Architects mentioned, because I truly believe that a blogger's job is not easy , she says that "If a brand sends a blogger a box of clothes with the intent of having them create four dedicated full looks that they need shot for posts, the talent has to location scout — and is responsible for styling, hair, makeup, photography, art direction, retouching, copywriting and posting.  That takes a magazine sometimes 20 people to pull off " 

I'm not one of the top bloggers they are talking about, but I have been through similar situations mentioned in the article regarding advertisement, and I'm sure a lot of my fellow bloggers have been through them too. There are no rules in the blogging world for advertisement, that is why blogger are trying to create the best compensation plan that suites their traffic of visitors and the influence they have on their readers.

Click here to read WWD article and click here for another article written by Jennine Jacobs from Independent fashion bloggers replying to the first one and giving tips to  journalists and brands about blogger compensation.


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