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Ibrah Event

Ibrah's first event ever, it took place at Fortune Cookie Boutique at Olympia Mall

Fortune Cookie was the first boutique that we displayed our items in, I remember we started with our headbands collection.

To celebrate the release of our new collection we decided to do a joint event with the boutique

Ibrah showed her necklaces and Fortune Cookie her new Ramadan Daraa collection

To present Ibrah's necklaces, we collaborated with Terracotta home accessories store

they have such an amazing tableware set that we think goes very well with our necklaces

The owner of the store was kind enough to come and set the table with us

I think people who follow me on istagram saw that Ibrah and I was in Terracotta store a few days ago , we were setting the table before the event, see how it will look like (see pictures at the end of that day)

We also asked Madame Sucre to create a jewels like chocolates, turned out pretty good, people thought they were plastic :) and some thought they were soap

within 2 hours from opening the store Ibrah's collection was soldout

We will be having more necklaces in the future, but it will take some time to produce, so for those of you who didn't get the chance to get one, please bare with us

Madame Sucre surprised us with some macarons, loved the yellow ones, I think they were Saffron flavor

Thats me and my sister Ibrah, Ibrah is wearing one of her creations

If you are intrested in Terracotta Tableware you could visit their store at Al-Tilal Complex - shop # 16

Tel: 965-22256303

also if you would like to try Madame Sucre's cakes or chocolates click here or contact them at 99515599

Here when we were at Terracotta store the day before the event

This is where we saw Joud from November Bakery

and Zainab Al-Abdulrazzaq from Marie Claire Magazine who saw us from the  store's window display setting up the table :p and came in to say hello

more from the event , to be continued ....


Confashion said…
Congratulations on the event and wishing Ibrah the best of luck. :)

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