Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie's Ramadan collection will be available on Thursday (10th of May) in a special event that will take place at Olympia Mall at the boutique

Today we had the pleasure to photograph some of the collection with the lovely and sweet blogger Ascia click here for her blog



Hijabs and Co said…
Perfect shoot dear!

i can see you like photography, please visit my gallery

Ascia looks beautiful as usual, but personally I think the scarf is much better than the turban for this kind of dresses :)
LadyB_Q8 said…
Gorgeous mashallah !
Nice pictures and I like the henna idea
7ajiDude said…
Me Blogging Rocks ;)
I EL F said…
I love the clothes, masha ALLAH, gorgeous. I wish we had this kind of clothing here that is affordable!

Anonymous said…
mashalah ! shes gorgeous, love her bold looks!

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