El Palauet - Barcelona

2 days ago we arrived to Barcelona to meet with my brother who is currently living there

We decided to stay for 2 nights in El Palauet Hotel 

Actually its not a hotel hotel, but a small building with  6 suites

I remember wishing to stay in this hotel ever since I first saw it at the Cool Hunter website ... Ohhh my God, it was in 2009!!!!! that's a very long time ago


We are 4 persons, my parents, my sister and I, we were amazed by the size of the suite, because usually the rooms look specious in pictures and in reality they are not, 

At first we wanted to book the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, but it was fully booked ,
thank god El Palauet was available and the price was nearly the same of 2 rooms in Mandarin

We booked the suite via a website called Check Your Room, it has lower rates than the hotel website itself click here

I need to turn my room into this


after opening the lights

every time the assistant shows us something, we go Uhhhhhhh ... Ohhhhhh 

The only bad thing is the bathroom, it has no door, like always
sliding doors are every where in the place, why not add one to the bathroom?

For reservation click here or here


Sn3a said…
كل شي حلو\
ماعدا سالفه الحمام وانتي بكرامه
عليكم بالف عافيه\
عاد اوروبا املق مافيها فنادقها بس ماشاءالله اختياراتكم ممتازة
May said…
Mashalla beautiful! enjoy your trip ;)
Abeer said…
Go get Kiko makeup milano "Magnetic Nail Lacquer with there magnet thing" it is amazing.
I was there 2 months ago and I bought them but then I forgot them in the hotel ;(
the boudoir. said…
Gorgeous! Im going to barcelona soon and was really interested in this hotel, too bad I booked elsewhere
wow! this is beautiful!

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