Cordoba - Hotel Palacio del Bailio

windows on the right is over looking the breakfast area

breakfast area in the middle of the hotel

In my opinion Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba Spain was the best palace hotels we have been to (after El Palauet of course)

Loved how our room is overlooking the pool were we could hear the chill out music that was playing, feels like we are sitting down there. The room is very specious and has windows everywhere even in the bathroom. Last 5 pictures are of a salon they have there, lovely beige furniture with an amazing colorful ceiling.

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هند said…
الله يهنيكم يارب بس والله حمستيني على السفر ...تروحون وترجعون بالسلامه
the boudoir. said…
im in love with this post, very colorful, ive been to cordoba and have never seen such beauty such as the one you portrayed:)
Me Blogging said…
Allah ysalmich

The Boudoir: hiiii , 3ad entay yabeelich post bro7ich :) have to check your blog 3adel

and yah , spain is lovely at this time of the year

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