Thursday, May 31, 2012

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"LV window display (Geneve) closer look , amazing job"

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"LV amazing window display (Geneve) fazat bel markaz el awal (mako musabaga ;p e7na bes negool)"

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@ Cordoba - Spain

Feria de Córdoba

Feria de Córdoba (Cordoba Spring Fair) takes place during the last week of May , where people gather in small tents to eat, drink and dance. 

It was too hot at that day, that we just took a short walk around the place and went back to the hotel

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cordoba - Hotel Palacio del Bailio

windows on the right is over looking the breakfast area

breakfast area in the middle of the hotel

In my opinion Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba Spain was the best palace hotels we have been to (after El Palauet of course)

Loved how our room is overlooking the pool were we could hear the chill out music that was playing, feels like we are sitting down there. The room is very specious and has windows everywhere even in the bathroom. Last 5 pictures are of a salon they have there, lovely beige furniture with an amazing colorful ceiling.

For more info click here
we booked through

Monday, May 28, 2012


A beautiful collection of dresses and accessories at Net-a-porter click here

Me Blogging on P2BK Magazine

Dudette from 7ajidude blog is featured on Proud to be Kuwaiti Magazine, she listed some of her favorite fashion blogs in Kuwait and I was one of them, wohooo, for more images click here

Young Doctors

Wow that's cool, just learned about an academy in Kuwait that teaches kids about our health and body, for age 7 to 13. I think we need to be enrolled in this program, it looks so much fun

For more info:

Tel: 97891140
Instagram @youngdoctorsq8

Saint Nicolas - Granada

هاووووو !!! شفيهم الناس قاعدين جذي؟

Why everyone is sitting there?

بعدين إستوعبت ليش 

Uhhhh now I know why

مجابلين قصر الحمراء

هذا عقب ما خلصنا من القصر ، خذينا تكسي ورحنا منطقه إسمها سينت نيكولاس

They are facing Al-Hambra palace

After finishing our tour in Al-Hambra we took a taxi and went to this place called Saint Nicolas

قعدنا في قهوة ننطر الغروب

Sat in a nice cafe over looking Al-Hambra waiting for the sun to set

المنظر طبعا عجيب و القعده تينن ، بس كان موووت برد ، و المكان مفتوح و هوا ، ثلجنا  ، بس غابت الشمس

The view was amazing but it was freezing at the time, we couldn't stay much longer with all the cold wind
so once the sun is set ....

  البحث عن تكسي للعوده إلى الفندق

We went looking for a taxi to go back to the hotel

كلش ما يلوق أسبانيا و برد ، بس أشوه جذي ، جان ذبنا و إحنا بالحمراء

Ciudad Hotel in Al-Hambra

A beautiful hotel called Ciudad in Al-Hambra Palace

I looked for it online, couldn't find it  :( 

I wish I had asked the reception for their contacts

Al-Hambra - Granada

 كلش مو إسلامي ، هذا بنوه بعدين ، يم قصر الحمراء

و الصوره إللي تحت شكله من داخل

This palace was built after, near the Al-Hamba
picture below is how it looks like inside

خذينا الجهاز المرشد عشان يعلمنا عن القصر ،  قاعده أعابل في مو راضي يشتغل ، طلع آخر شي الباتري مخلص

أصلا الجهاز فاشل ، ما قال شي مفيد

We got the devices that guide us through the place, here in the picture, I'm trying to figure out how it works, turned out the batteries were dead, stupid device, it wasn't informative 

 ناطرين ندخل القصر  ، تذاكرة غير و بوقت محدد ، ، يمكن عشان ما يصير زحمة

Waiting for our turn to go into Al-Hambra, another ticket to go in, and with a specific time, maybe because they don't want the palace to be crowded

السقف في أحد القاعات

The ceiling in one of the halls 


  أبوي حارينه اول شلون يبنون بدون سميت ، مادري شنو قاعد يسوي ، بيكتشف السر يعني؟

My dad trying to figure out how did they built all of this without cement, I'm not sure what he is doing exactly to know that 

إستراحه ، كلش ما توقعته جذي ، عبالي قصر صغير و بس ، طلع وايد أشياء في مكان واحد ، و أحلى شي الحدايق

resting, the place is huge, I thought it was a small palace and that's it, didn't know they had all these gardens and fountains 

الصعود إلى القمة

going up

المنظر من فوق

the view from above (dad and mum in picture above)

 صارت 8:15 و طلوعونا ، حسافه كان باقي آخر حديقة و نخلص ، ما شفناها

It was 8:15 and we had 1 garden left to see, but it was too late, they were closing the place