Vika Gazinskaya

Today (16 April 2012) Boutique N in Burj Jassim will launch their new collection by  Vika Gazinskaya The designer herself will be here in Kuwait.
Just a month ago I was trying to know who she is and now she is here? Unbelievable. The first time I saw her was in a magazine wearing an amazing cotton necklace with jewelry drawings on it. I was shocked, because this necklace is the exact same thing I had in mind for Ibrah. We wanted to do something similar , I want to see her and tell her that.


A said…
hey amazing stuff! i was wondering if they have a website? i loved the earrings and rings and i want to order since i live in dubai
Me Blogging said…
U could contact them on their instagram account @boutiquen. And find out if they could send to dubai

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