Vika Gazinskaya in Kuwait

Meeting the Designer Vika Gazinskaya in Boutique N - Burj Jassim

Unfortunately all necklaces were reserved :( we came in late

Starting from tomorrow customers could try on the items, tonight was only to display Vika's summer collection

Maybe pictures doesn't show, but the place was crowded when we came in, loved the atmosphere and met a lot of fans :) 

Palm accessories available at Boutique N

We felt Ibrah's latest necklaces are close to Vika's fall/winter collection (the pullover shown in a previous post

so we gave her one of our latest collection and we were so glad that she loved it :)

For more info contact Boutique N at 00965 - 99317658

or follow them at instagrma @boutiquen


Bnt Jaber Blog said…
وااااو روووعه الازياء واكسسوارات البنات تهبببل مشكووورة مي بلوغينغ ع البوست الروووعه مثل صاحبته :) المحل يهبل يهببل يهبببل يبيله روحه , انا صرت اذا بعرف شنو الموضه على طول ادخل مدونتج مي بلوغينغ يعطيج الف الف عافية
Me Blogging said…
Bnt Jaber Blog: thank you dear :)
noura muhammed said…
ماشاء اله عليك ذوقك جميل و اختيارات رائعة و راقية جدااا . ابي اسالك الاكسسوار من حلق و خواتم و اسوار وين انتي كاتبه انها palm accessories بس مالقيتها اونلاين

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