Reuse Event

Went to Reuse event at ACK

Performance by Hassan Hajaj

Recycled Egg Cartons by Bashayer Al-Shamari

I think it is made out of paper and glue by little beads


This is my favorite
Chairs made out of shopping carts by Aseel Al-Yaqoub


I love how she wrote the name of areas she found those carts in 

Kaifan , Meshref, Bnaid El Qar

Zahed Sultan's CDs hanging  

Liked the idea, but I think it will look better without can tops hanging and without the cut in the middle

Sadu made out of T-Shirts

Dye and Spice hanging garden

Romi Sakaki - embroidery on paper - KD 200

Reuse last day 22 April 2012


Regal Opulence said…
Dear mysterious girl!

If only you knew how much I love your blog!! It's one of my top 5 and I read it daily! Thanks for all that you do. Keep your good posts coming!

Lots of Love !!

Me Blogging said…
:) thank you so much for your kind words
Natalia said…
Hi MB, I was there with my whole family. Fantastic idea and good job with your post. I did mine but as I was with my three kids i was not able of taking so much information.
It is in english and spanish. Hope you can take a look.

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