الله يهدي الصباغ ، ما عرف يطلع لنا اللون إللي نبي حق التسريحه

عطانا 3 ألوان وله واحد فيهم حلو

The man who is going to paint my dresser gave us 3 different colors of white, non of them is what we wanted

عطيناه هذي الصوره قلنا له نبي محكك شوي جنه قديم  ، ما عرف

We gave him this picture and told him we want an old  look, but he did't get it right

الصوره فوق لتسريحتي ، بني غامج جنه أسود ، أبيها بيضه ألحين

Above is a picture of my black dresser that I would like to turn into white

شرينا إيطار من زارا هوم عشان يشوف و يعرف شنو نقصد 
ناطرين المرحلة الثانية

We bought this frame from Zara Home to show him what we want exactly 
waiting for him to come again, phase # 2


966 said…
ok for the first picture you don't need paint to get that old rustic, driftwood or wood that looks like it has been there for ages. you need to bleach the wood ask him ;
اسحب لون الخشب او موجود في السوق مادة تنحط علخشب و تسحب لونه. خلي يجيبها و يسويلك عينه. the bleach will remove the brown color form the wood ( not all depend on the chemical he will use) .. good luck
966 said…
sorry it is me again ...ok looked again at the pic and just want to clear something if you want it to look like wood but old do what i said. if you want it to look like it has been painted white 100 years ago lol, do a search on google, write; whitewash wood paint.check the images it has many pictures you can show it to the painter and you can get the instruction from some sites..i am sorry i talk a lot lol

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