Friday Gathering


T-Shirt: TopShop
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Christian Laboutain

Necklace H&M

Ibrah Necklace follow her on instagram @ibrahq8

one necklace left at Goji Boutique Click Here


el necklace elly men H&M 7ail eshaweg mashallah chenna min DANNIJO(Y)!
Au natural said…
love the necklace
salma said…
why in ur gathering you wear hejab? am saudi so i dont know, but here when wear hejab when men around us but inside the house or family gathering we take it off
Me Blogging said…
Salma : :) we take it off too , but our cousins are with us in tge gathering (men) do we have to wear it :) or some times we wear it for taking pictures to cover up
Mira said…
ma eshof shar E 7abeebty ma testahal bs 3ajabni alpink cover ;)
Fatma Alameer said…
nice work mashalla ,, but how can i get one like it ?? do you take orders or just selling them in showrooms ?
Me Blogging said…
Fatma: U mean Ibrah? Or something else? Ibrah is soldonly online, other stuff u see here is all from H and M N Zara and other stores

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