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Madame Nada

Madame Nada's collection is back in stock at Fortune Cookie Boutique
Tomorrow at 5:00 pm the collection will be available 
Location: Olympia Mall - Second Floor
happy shopping

Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Thing charity event at Sadu House
available til 1st May 2012 - from 3:00 pm - 10:30 pm
 :) ee walla pretty little thing

Threads by Razan Al-Azzouni - from Saudi Arabia
They sold out fast
رزان العزوني من السعودية - طبعا إنباعوا بسرعه

May Jewelry loved the display

Pretty Nouf Hussain the organizer of this event 
Allah y3afe el team ele ma3ach ya Nouf

This ring is made out of cow bone :) yes, cow bone
خاتم من عظم البقرة ، يخرع لما عرفتوا ، مو صح ؟

Dar Usha

دار يوشا برج جاسم شارع السور، المرقاب مقابل ديسكفري وصالة التزلج ت 22960610
Dar Usha located in Burj Jassim Tower, Al-Sour Street. Al-Murqab In front of Discovery Mall and the skating rink. Tel: 22960610
Website Facebook Twitter

Fortune Cookie Ramadan Collection

Available tomorrow at Fortune Cookie Boutique 5:00 pm
At Olympia Mall - 2nd floor


Friday Gathering

Sandro Pants Click Here United Nude Shoes

Dress and Jacket Zara

Next Dress Zara Jacket

Celine Bag

DVF dress click here

Kenzo Dress IbrahNecklace

Ibrah Necklace