What I wore to work today

Work 3

Lanvin draped dress
£694 -

H m coat
£80 -

Uniqlo stretchy pants
£35 -

Melissa peep toe pumps
£84 -

Fendi suede handbag
$4,680 -

Not: The set is similar to what I wore to work today, I don't have this Fendi bag, but it looked good on my combo and my Melissa shoes are old that I couldn't find it on Polyvore, mine is with a red stamp on top.


rasha said…
What's the programme yr using to display yr clothes
Unknown said…
Sooo classy working girl !! ;)
q8arteriors said…
yareet traweena the whole thing..the scarf the sleeves..u know ;)
also i would appreciate it if you show us more of "kashkhat lim7ajebat" for the kind of events whthat we cant wear a short drees and abaya.
thanks a million :**

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