The Wake-Up Light

Did you see the video? This is how the wake-up light works, silently, when its on, and shining as bright as it could , I open my eyes and CHHHIK I close it then go back to sleep.

I discovered the problem is not with waking up, it’s with getting up, there is no solution to this, I still rely on my sister, seeing her angry at me every morning is the only thing that would get me jamping out of bed

Would I recommend it??? hmmm , i am not sure, all i know that it is effective if you sleep early (more than 4 hours sleep) otherwise you won't feel the light

The good thing about it is that it doesn't give you a heart attack like other clocks with their scary alarms

Note2: I made a mistake ordering it from amazon US , their products works on lower voltage ( kuwait 240 v.) , which means if i plug it in right away it will get burned . I had to buy a converter to solve this problem


B said…
Thnks, I really appreciate your review :D
I guess i won't be opting for it then :$

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