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Revenge is a new series that was recommended by my friend to watch. I was hooked from the first episode. It tells the story of a girl who wants to get revenge against those who destroyed her father's life by framing him for a crime he didn't commit.

In the episode the girl has a double infinity sign tattoo on her wrist, it reminded me of Tiffany's infinity collection here in Kuwait that was sold out for no reason. I remember the saleswomen informing us that they had this collection for 2 years, and that it didn't sell well so they stopped ordering more, but then, all of a sudden they are out of stock, I was telling her at the time "I'm sure there is a hit TV show that we don't know about that made it sell out"
You think this is the TV show? Or there is another one?

It's weird how a TV character we come to love effects our buying decision


Anonymous said…
New news for me !!
you got me exited to see the revenge series ... as i was wondering mn wain jat el hba 3alla el infinity !
Hafsa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hafsa said…
i love revenge and i love Ashley .. she is not only an actress , she is Fashion blogger as well ..
check her blog its Awesome:
Me Blogging said…

yemkin minha o yemkin la
coz ma shift-ha labsa shay minhom, chan ba3dain bel 7algat ethanya?

Ohh wow didn't know that , thanx
Th.haba said…
Yep, Revenge is definitely the reason that made it sell out, I love this show! You should also watch "2 Broke Girls" if you haven't yet, I’m sure you’ll love it...

and if you are a fan of Lost or Fringe then you should really watch "Alcatraz", wetha kenty t7ebeen Prison break then you might like "Breakout Kings" :)

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