Marni for H&M

 هذا البوست كاتبته كزن زي ، راح تنقل لنا تجربتها يوم إفتتاح مجموعة مارني لمحلات أتش أند أم

This post is by cousin Z, she will be telling us all about her Marni for H&M experience

هذي كانت أول تجربة لي حق مثل هل حدث  ، وصلت الأفنيوز 7:30 و انصدمت بالزحمة تقريبا 300 شخص ناطرين بالدور

شفوا بالفيدو شلون إلي يشتغلون مشتطين قبل الافتتاح

This was my first experience for such an event, arrived at 7:30 in avenues branch and I was shocked by the crowd, around 300 people waiting in line.

Watch the video and see how the workers are excited before the opening 

داخل المحل جنا مسابقة البحث عن الكنز مو مهم المقاس أهم شيء أحصل إلي أبيه ، للأسف ماليقيت ولا سلسلة بس حظي حلو 

لقيت وحده ماخذه 12 سلسلة ، كسرت خاطرها جان تعطيني وحده (طراره)

It felt like were playing treasure hunt searching for the items just to find them without looking or caring for sizes , unfortunately didn't find the necklaces and I had to beg one lady who has got like 12 necklaces to give me one

شوفوا فاتوره وحده من الناس ، 1010 دينار كويتي ، لو شاريه من مارني احسن لها

Just look at one of the customer's bill, K.D. 1010, its like shopping at Marni

I really enjoyed it ... any collaboration coming soon?


Unknown said…
Wow !! Amazing how such collaboration can cause !!
Here at the Morocco Mall, & according to some friend, there was not such rush !! But certainly at the week end !!
Alaa Balkhy said…
Check out my post about the Jeddah Launch! there was 6 girls there only.
سارة said…
ما يصير جذي وحدة تشتري بالف دينار لازم يخلون كل شخص بس ياخذ 4 قطع عشان يخلون مجال حق الكل
Me Blogging said…
Ginger: yah maybe on the weekends will be different

Paper Umbrella: didn't find your post?
Anonymous said…
I loved this post, OMG Z is so right what she's gonna do with 1010 KD worth of marni clothes!! atwq3 5atht-ha el she6a! and 12 necklaces OMG leash LOL

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