Style Hunting

Style Hunting
في هذا النوع من البوستات راح نبحث عن الموده اليديده و شلون الناس تلبسها
إحنا متأكيد هذي الصور راح تساعدنا نعرف شلون نركب الهدوم و نجرب لووك يديد
فإستعدوا لنا ، يمكن يوم من الأيام تعجبنا تركيبتكم و نطلب نصوركم
في هذي الصوره نشوف شلون الواحد يلبس الجينز الاخضر الفاتح ، أشكر البنية إللي وافقت نصورها

In Style Hunting posts, we will be looking for new fashion trends and how people interpret them, we are sure those images will help us on how to put together an outfit
so get ready for us, maybe someday we will approach you if we like what we see
Here we see how to wear a mint color jeans, thank you girl for posing and thank you for following us



Elfekraa ETYAANNENN!! Thakkarteeny eb the sartorialist "on the street" kella agouul yalaaaitt 3endena chethy bel kwaaaiit ou kaaa 9ar akuuu:D good luck:*
1001Nights said…
Please ALWAYS say what the brands are when you'e focusing on a picture. I really wanna know where the necklace and the bag are from??
Me Blogging said…
1000 nights: If I'm photographing people I don't know I don't think I will be asking them for brands, - will think about it.The girl in the picture is wearig a necklace by Marni Fall- winter collection 2011 I'm not sure if u could find it online, the bag is by reed krakofn

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