Dar Usha

Jacket and necklace model's own

هذي المجموعه الثانية إللي صورتها لدار يوشا ، راح تنزل يوم الأحد
The second collection that I photographed for Dar Usha, will be available in store Sunday

Blouse, necklace and bag model's own

Bag model's own

Boots model's own
دار يوشا
برج جاسم
شارع السور، المرقاب
مقابل ديسكفري وصالة التزلج
ت 22960610

Dar Usha located in Burj Jassim Tower, Al-Sour Street. Al-Murqab
In front of Discovery Mall and the skating rink.
Tel: 22960610

البوست الأول لدار يوشا إضغط هنا
The first post for Dar Usha Click Here

Note: I'm not a professional photographer but the owner wanted something similar to what is shown in the blog. I made sure to chose items that reflect my style.


What's Next said…
i loved that first dress soo much! beautiful shots..

xx, eda

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