Dar Usha

coat and watch are our own

دار يوشا طلبوا مني أصور لهم مجموعتهم اليديدة من النفانيف ، فرحت لهم المحل في برج جاسم و إخترت الأشياء إللي عجبتني و ممكن ألبسها

ودي أراويكم كل النفانيف إللي صورتهم ، بس ما أقدر إلا لما ينزلون بالمحل للبيع ، فلازم تنطرون ، المجموعه إللي راح تنزل إهي هذي ، نفانيف سهره و نفانيف عمليه  من القطن

I was asked by Dar Usha to photograph their latest collection of dresses, so I went to their store at Burj Jassim and selected some items I liked and things I might wear
I wish I could show you the whole collection I shoot and the looks I created, but since they won't all be available in the store now, you have to wait.

Evening dresses will be available tomorrow along with some cotton dresses

Belt and bag are our own

Bag is our own

دار يوشا
برج جاسم
 شارع السور، المرقاب
 مقابل ديسكفري وصالة التزلج
 ت 22960610

Dar Usha located in Burj Jassim Tower, Al-Sour Street. Al-Murqab
In front of Discovery Mall and the skating rink.
Tel: 22960610

Note: I'm not a professional photographer but the owner wanted something similar to what is shown in the blog. I made sure to chose items that reflect my style.


هند said…
ماشاء الله
الله يوفقك وين ماتروحين بصراحه حبيت الفستان الفوشيا
iblog said…
well, if you think you are not a professional photographer, then, please think again. The shootings are fabulous! I am launching my first ever collection before Ramadhan incha'Allah in Melbourne, Australia and wish I could get you to help with the shootings. All the best, Zakia
Me Blogging said…
Thank u hind :)

Zakia : wow all the way to austuralia, r u in Kuwait? Email me at memeblogging@yahoo.com to discuss the matter further
Anonymous said…
تصويرج روعه
على فكره انتي خلتني ارجع لهوايتي
وارد لتصميم الاكسسوارات
ان شاء الله اذا الله كتب ابيج تصورين شغلي

منها للاعلى يا حلوه

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