طاااااالع كونفاشن قاعد تنافسني

يليتني رحت هل المناسبتين ، وحده في بوتيك 4 و الثانية في
شوفوا باجي الصور الحلوه في بلوقها

OMG Confashion has started taking pictures of people like me, we are competing now

I wish I had gone to these 2 events, one was held in 4 Boutique and the other in 52 Degrees

See the rest of these beautiful pictures at Confashions from Kuwait


let it B said…
I liked her post a lot
i also like ur posts, but the way i see it, taking pics of other ppl in fashion blogs is a no brainer and bloggers do that since god knows when.. so u cannot restrict it to u or her!
Me Blogging said…
Let it B:

I'm totally not restricting it, I'm highlighting it, I want people to know she started taking pictures of people in events. I love confashion and I would love to see more of her (fashion blogger) in Kuwait. It was just sarcasm.
Ansam said…
Its actually not the first time she does that ;) Only difference is she shows the face... you cut it out! She's been doing it and I know that for sure cuz Im addicted to her blog LOL


Chizwa also takes pictures of different styles and different home interiors and such

Dont you ladies stop what you're doing! I love all three blogs - I check them DAILY :D And you are all doing fabulous jobs <3 I blame confashions for all the money I spend after checking her blog... and YOU!!! With all the fabulous mix n match you do with brands and highstreet together, and your Friday gatherings posts - such a sweet teaser... and Chizwa for letting her pictures speak louder then words to read!!!
Me Blogging said…
Kanat Nekta , bes shakla ma7ad faham-ha :(

Ansan if you noticed non of the images you refered to were in Kuwait, that is why when I mentioned confashion started doing it, meaning she started in Kuwait, I think now she is entering a new stage, which is approaching people as a blogger. and I wish her luck on that
B said…
Actually the first blog to do it in the region is and street style is not a new thing in general. Anyway I don’t think it is a competition.
Me Blogging said…
A7is eL post 9ar maleeg , sa7 its not a cómpetition, kanat nekta o ma7ad fahimha

I hope confashion ma tefhamha ghala6

And B , walla 7asafa 3ala high street kuwait , kan mgha6e a part of kuwaiti style o ma kamalaw
Ansam said…
elly may3arfich 3abala qasdich tajree7 ;) We know you dear dont worry :***

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