We welcome our new sponsor Riva to the blog
Here you will see a number of outfits that I have put together using some of Riva’s items, like bags, shirts and pants that I personally picked from their new collection. This is part of a little project that I did for Riva, which is creating looks that reflects my own style using garmenst from their collection.
I have never bought from Riva before, but I usually check their store every now and then, I must say they have some interesting things.

Picture above: Riva shirt-dress: KD 22.500 / Riva blue bag: KD 26.500 / pants + shoes: Zara / Necklace: Ibrah

Riva Green Bag: KD 19.500, would you believe it? Mulberry look a like, the whole outfit by Zara, Cuff: Uterque, Ring: Noir Jewelry

Riva yellow short sleeves shirt: KD 21.500 / Cup from Bait Ahmad / Ring: Kismet

I bought this lovely shirt dress, reminds me of MaxMara, I just need to make it a little bit shorter

Riva shirt dress: KD 22.500, its like the yellow shirt in the first picture / Riva Pants: KD: 6.500 / Bag: Chloe

Riva bag: KD 15.500 / Dress and jacket: Cacharel

Riva Bag: KD 22.500 / Shirt Dress: KD 22.500 / Pants: KD 6.500

Riva Cardigan: KD 7.500 / Neon Dress: Zero+Maria Cornejo / Shoes: Zara

Check Riva's new collection
They have stores in Kuwait, KSA and Dubai Link
in Kuwait you could find them in

Souq Sharq
Magic Planet
Al-Bairaq Mall ... and more

Riva on Facebook click here

Twitter click here


I EL F said…
Salam walaikum khouyti,

I adore your blog. I enjoy your style and the brands you feature. I know you are keeping your identity on the down-low but it is sooooo boring looking at the styles and not seeing your face or how and what hijab your wearing-it's annoying!

Salam walaikum
Me Blogging said…
Wa3alaikom al salam
Yahh I know
I'm sorry , but its something we are used to and another thing related to my work so sorry. Ur not missing anything there is nothing special about the scarf I'm wearing
NewQ8 Bride said…
MASHALAH MASHALAH i never thought that i will find something stylish in riva , ma adesha a9laan !! mashalah after the post wayed ra7 yshtron mnhom , i will give it another chance ;)
I EL F said…
I understand now, thank you very much and keep up the amazing job on your blog! =]
Hasnâa said…
I adore your blog
Mashallah Your looks are amazing.
Anonymous said…
Where did u get that kismet ring?

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