Mai from Qatar - Part 2

Here are more looks for Mai

( a reader from Qatar, who asked me to create winter outfits for her)

I tried to work around what she already have, like the Zara vest, YSL ring and bag

the rest are all from Zara

Here Mai has a fuax fur from Zara and a grey Dior bag, I matched it with purple pants from River Island and white dress and yellow shoes from Zara

I think Mai should get a darker shade boots to match her jacket

All by Zara - bag by YSL

hope you like them Mai - and happy shopping


That's really cool! You should post more about mixing and matching outfits :D I have bought the same vest from Zara, and I didnt know with what should I wear it!
Me Blogging said…
you think I should do that :)?
YES!!!! wallah you have elegant taste for fashion!
Amirah said…
Yes plz do that, I would love to see looks that you would wear as a muhajabah and what scarfs too.
Btw what's your take on the patent leather blue YSL clutch, I was undecided about it , it looks too basic and lacks the luxury touch but the other YSL clutch styles look more timeless.
Amirah said…
This comment has been removed by the author. said…
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