Historical Trip in Istanbul - Turkey

المسجد الأزرق

The Blue Mosque

طبعا لازم نفصخ جواتينا بالدخله و نحطهم في كيس موفرينه لنا بره

We had to take our shoes off of course when we entered the mosque and place our shoes in a bag that was available at the entrance

البنات إللي مو محجبين ، لفوا راسهم بلفه و دخلوا ، زين كان شته ، سيده اللفه غللي على رقبتهم هذي لفوا فيها راسهم

Girls not wearing Hijab, had to cover their heads with a scarf
since its winter, all the girls had their scarves wrapped around their necks all they had to do is place it on their heads

بعدين رحنا أيا سوفيا ، او حجيه سوفيا ، كنيسه حولوها مسجد إضغط هنا للمزيد

Then we went to Aya Sophia or Hagia Sophia - a church turned mosque

شفوا الصوره عدل تحت

القطوه مستانسه ، تتمشه و محد يقول لها شي ، بردانه و يايه تدفه بالليت

Huh the cat is roaming around, felt cold and came in front of the spotlight to warm up

حطيت الكاميرا على المانيوول بس عشان أصور ويها عدل ، تطالعنا و له هامها

turned my camera to manual so I could capture the cats face

رايحين فوق

going up....

بعدين رحنا قصر السلاطين ، توبكابي

Then we went to Topkapi, the sultan's palace

 طبعا كل الأشياء الحلوه موجوده داخل الغرف و ممنوع الواحد يصورها ، فماراح تشوفون شي حسافه، كانت أشياء وايد حلوه مثل المجوهرات و الهدوم إللي كانوا يلبسونها و الأسلحة

of course all the interesting things are not allowed to be photographed, like the sultan jewels collection, clothes and weapons , so here you will only be seeing things from the out side

هذي دار السلطان سليمان المعظم إللي يحطونها بالحلقة التركية ، حريم السلطان

طبعا هذي دار أي سلطان إيي و يحكم ، مو خاصة في سليمان

Here is the Sultan's room , I think the same one presented in the new Turkish TV show Magnificent Century

The ceiling of the Sultan's room

انا ما خليت شي ما لبسته موووت برد ، بس الحدالله ما طق مطر ، الجو وايد احسن من ما توقعنا

Me wearing everything I own, I was freezing, but thank god it wasn't raining that day, it was better than we expected

القطاوه بإسطنبول بكل مكان

بالقصر و إحنا قاعدين بقهوه صغيره هناك نشرب قهوتنا مع كيكة جزر ، ياتنا قطوه و جابلتنا ، إطالعني و إطالع أمي
شتبين؟؟؟ ما عندنا شي نوكلج إياه
ما راحت 
جان أعطيها نتيفة كيكه
ماااا أصدق ، كلتها
طالع هاذي؟؟؟؟ قطوه تاكل كيك!!! أوكي عطيتها باجي الحتاحيت ، كلتهم كلهم

Cat's are just every where in Istanbul
in the palace, we sat in a small cafe having Turkish coffee with a carrot cake , a cat came by and started staring at us...what do you want? there was nothing to feed you!!! 

I took a small piece from the cake and through it to her, SHE ATE IT,
 a cat eating a cake? that's strange, ohhh well so I gave her what was left of it, the crumbs


looloowa74 said…

Your lucky when I went to Istanbul (august 2007) we could not enter half the rooms in topkapi because the stench of peoples body odor was so overwhelming.  Would rather freeze and have seen everything then want to rush out the door without having seen anything.
Did u go to the dolme bache? Grand bazaar? Or princess island?
We stayed both at the ritz ( absolutely Devine) and park Hyatt( I agree wholeheartedly with u about it).  Fantastic hotels in Istanbul u can't go wrong with any of the 5 star hotels.

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