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We have been scammed

We have been scammed, the blog sponsor and myself, after agreeing on everything and sending the invoice to the sponsor, later on I discovered that the fees have been paid to someone in Malaysia!!!!

The sponsor had some doubts regarding the information provided in the invoice but thought to himself “maybe me blogging has an account in Malaysia and wanted the money to be transferred there”
The criminal received my invoice changed my information with his and made the sponsor believes it was me, the sponsor tried to call me, but my mobile number was changed too. He even tried contacting me by email, no use, email was changed as well.

How did all of that happen? Let me explain
The criminal created a false email and contacted the sponsor pretending to be me,

Original Blog email:

False Blog email:

Notice any difference? An S has been added to the end of the name

When the sponsor received my email, he simply clicked on the Reply Button and replied to my inquiry. Now here the criminal made sure that the sponsor will be in contact with him not me.

He then created another email, which is the sponsor’s email and contacted me pretending to be him,  the first false email I received was saying: “ hello please send me the invoice I didn’t receive it yet”

I prepare the invoice, click on reply (to the criminal) and send the invoice, he receives it change my bank information with his and send it to the sponsor

Not only that the sponsor has business partners in China, he did the same to Chinese companies, took their invoices and changed them into his, and the worst thing is payment has been made via western union
So be careful if some of you readers are doing business in China make sure that emails are correct and the information makes sense when transferring money

I don’t know how to catch that criminal
Unfortunately the money has been transferred and it’s in his bank account
And I don’t think the bank in Kuwait could do anything about it
But we will try again and see what we could do

I hope all his accounts get freezed
Or better yet
His money gets stolen the same way he stole it from people

الفاتورة إللي دزيتها لأحد رعاة البلوق تم تغييرها ، تم تبديل بياناتي لتحويل المبلغ على حسابي ببيانات السارق

مت من الحره ، السارق عايش في ماليزيا 
الراعي شك بالموضوع ، بس حول الفلوس و قال يمكن مي بلوقنغ عندها حساب في ماليزيا و تبيني أحول لها هناك

حاول الراعي يدق علي يتأكد، لكن رقمي تم تغييره
و ما قدر يوصل لي
دز إيميل هم ماكو فايده
لأن الإيميل إلي عنده مال السارق

 شلون صارت البوقة؟؟؟؟ أنا أقول لكم

انا الشي إللي شكيت في، إن بعد الإتفاق الفلوس ما وصلت حسابي ، حاولت الإتصال بالراعي عن طريق الإيميل ما ياني رد
نطرت 3 أيام قلت يمكن مريض
اليوم الرابع قلت لأ لازم اتاكد ، انا عندي رقم التلفون للراعي فدزيت مسج

سيده بعد المسج الراعي دق تلفون و قالي إن حول الفلوس من قبل 4 أيام
شلون؟؟؟ انا ما وصلي مسج من البنك

طلبت صوره من وصل التحويل ، أدور إسمي ماني لاقيته ، بنكي مو مذكور ، إلا أشووف تم التحويل لشخص ثاني و البنك في مليزيا

يااااا سلااااااااااااام  

انا وايد أدقق في هاذي الأشياء شلون إنقص علينا

أنا يوم دزيت الفاتورة حق الراعي ، ما وصلت حقه وصلت حق السارق مادري السارقه
و ست الحسن خذت الفاتورة مسحت كل بياناتي و حطت حسابها  ، الله لا يوفقها و دزتهم للراعي
و الراعي المسكين دفع لها
مو بس جذي
الراعي يتعامل مع الصين
سوت نفس الشي في
خذت فواتيير الصين مسحت حساباتهم و حطت بياناتها
الناس إللي تتعامل مع الصين دييروا بالكم
بعد إحنا الإسم الصيني منو يلتفت علي ، صعب و ما ينقره  ، إهو ويه عنوانه

أتوقع إهيا دخلت إيميل الراعي و عرفت السالفه و إنتحلت شخصيتي و شخصيته

  سوت إيميل نفس إيميلي و نفس إيميل الراعي

و كل ساع تقولي دزي الفاتورة عشان الحلوه تغيرها

شوفوا إيميلي تحت

في فرق؟ من النظرة الأولى الواحد ما يحس بالفرق

بس ضافت حرف الأس بالأخير

ماني عارفه شلون نصيدها
الفلوس للأسف تحولت و دخلت حسابها
و ماكو شي البنك يقدر يسوي
بنحاول مع البنك مره ثانية 

إنشاء الله حساباتها كلها تتسكر
أو لالالالا
إنشاء الله فلوسها تنباق مثل ما باقات الناس


Pure said…
OMG thats shocking!! kha6aach el sow! allahuma red kaydahom fe na7rehom 3asaha matahana bel floos!
Mark said…
can u translate it to english cuz my arabic is terrible.
Confashion said…
That's terrible! have you tried contacting the Malaysian beneficiary bank? Maybe if you file for an official complaint they'd do sth...
q8arteriors said…
yarch alla..lat7erren roo7ich zaghnaboo6 bchabd'ha ili bagitich
Laila Alkhars said…
OH!! sorry to hear that , bs i'm sure there's a way to deal with problems like that <3
ladyjow said…
7sby allah 3lehm enshallah hal mshakh6eeen ana estghfr alah mawa6nhm chthe khel2a;/ ` allah y3wthch kher 7bebte 9dgene mara7 tet hana aw yet hana byehm yom so soon,,cheer up
Mark said…
Thanks for the translation. It sucks that this happened but it looks like an inside job. Have you guys figured out who it is? Most likely he worked at your sponsors company hence he knew about this deal between you two, the fact he knew both your emails and the fact it involves a money transfer and not a cash payment or cheque.
Me Blogging said…
Mark: I tracked the IP address and it is in Malaysia - I think the sponsor's PC has been hacked he knows her email passwords - got in and read all the emails - coz I told the sponsor to change the email- he changed only the password - once that is done emails from customers starte arriving
D said…
I'm sorry I know the deed happened and all but your sponsor is bit unprofessional. No bank details should have been approved on before a signed instruction note of your bank details from your end - especially that your email is of commercial domain (yahoo).
But, if your sponsor have good relations with his bank he could file for fraud and the bank can claim the funds from the spammer bank.

Piscean said…
OMG!! That's horrible! Enshalla the bank here helps! That's really frustrating!
Dear Romeo said…
Omg!! I'm so sorry to hear about that
5a6akom esoo
Inshalla you can get your money back from that theif!
Your sponsor should raise a fraud case with the bank.. enshallah ysawoon shay!:/
Bnt Jaber Blog said…
بل بل عليهم من ماليزيا واصليلنا !! زين ما باقت مدونتج وحطت بوستات مو زينة قطيعة زين بلغي المباحث الالكترونية يمكن يسوون شي عاد انا ابـ هالسوالف ميييح اذا للحيين مو عارفة شلون انسق مدونتي هههههههههههههه ع العموم الفلوس تروح وترجع بس ديري بالج على صحتج مالنا غنى عن بوستاتج GmbH

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