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The Kitchen

My friend B was planning to go to the Kitchen with her friends this week so I remembered the invitation I got from the restaurant to try out their food in their new location in The Village Complex - Abu Al-Hasaniya G11 Al-Funaitis. So since she is already planning to go why not she gives us her review? so I asked the Kitchen if it was ok for my friend to go instead of me, and they were kind enough to welcome her with her friends for dinner.


and here is her review:

The kitchen was very cozy and had a relaxing atmosphere. We were greeted and seated in nice a table, while we were still looking at the menu the waiter served us an unusual and a yummy complimentary appetizer Taboulah and falafel in mini pocket Arabic bread (this dish was liked by all of us -They say they give it to everybody)

Then I had Wild Mushroom Soup (forgot to take a pic :p) was not too heavy and nice


Caesar Salad (Ok)

Roasted Beetroot Salad (Excellent-good ingredients and dressing)


Potato Stick With Mini Hot Dogs (No-Not my taste)

Toasted Rolls With Mushrooms (Very good)

Adoolah’s Famous Lasagna (Excellent)

Mixed Mini Burgers (1 meat, 1 chicken, 1 Falafel) (They were all okay-nothing special)

Braised Maple Glaze Lamb + Main rice (Rice good, lamb no so good-we told the waiter that when he asked us-meat had a layer of sticky fat that mad it uneatable to me)

Me Blogging Comment: might try it out just because of the Maple Glaze

Veal Milanese (was good and the side that came with it was spaghetti marinara was really good)

Chubby Balls (very good)


Chocolate Tempura (Excellent)

Me Blogging Comment: that is a starnge looking dessert

Oreo sweet (3ady)


The staff were great, really attentive and very helpful
Thanks a million for the Kitchen invite, my friends and I had fun playing bloggers, we liked the attention from the staff but we noticed it was a hassle.
All and all it was fun :D

You could find The Kitchen @

Me Blogging comments: thank you B for the review - didn't thought you would take this amount of pictures, I don't think I would do the same, and liked the short comment on every dish
Note: first picture taken by me in one of our friday gathering posts, the rest were taken by B and her friends



** hii how ru

mashallah i like ur style in clothes and u have o fashtion touch by ur own , otherwise i have avery disaster clothes problem so i wonder if u can help >>

o bil 3afia :)
Au natural said…
yummy :) i want to go
i've never been, but I'd lov to try it - the chocolate tempura looks delicious !! something i'd like to try at home one day :)

- GmbH

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