Karl lagerfeld collection is out at net a porter since yesterday

I love Karl's creativity in Chanel and Fendi but I just don't understand his own brand, Karl

why is it so plain and simple, there is nothing special about it? who is he targeting?

anyways if you are one of Karl's fans, then those are my picks for you




Anonymous said…
love all the pieces!!!
Ghadeer said…
Agree with you 100%
1001Nights said…
My guess is that he's targeting a less high end fashion crowd - making it affordable for people who know Karl's work but cannot afford Chanel. I suppose to make it affordable it has to be on the simple side.

You don't have his cutaway gloves on there. I LOVED them but they were sold out before I could get some :(
Amna Al Falasi said…
I do agree that some of the pieces in his collection isn't that great but the aim was for the massess thats why some of the fabrics were cheap looking..

read my review on the collection on amnaatelier.blogspot.com
Alya said…
Well he said that he wants the line to be affordable, yet still be very "Karl", so I guess that's his inspiration for it.

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