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Inspired by Sadu

Remember the Morning Tea gathering that took place in Sadu House a month ago? well, what you see here is the outcome of this event – Fann ( 4 sisters who create modern handicraft pieces with a mix of tradition) has created a beautiful collection of items inspired by Sadu . Those items are now available at Sadu House (made to order)

Any designer could participate in this and produce items inspired from Sadu and show case them at the Sadu House for sale. So join in and let see your creations

Contact Sadu House for more information:  22432395

تذكرون شاي الضحى في بيت السدو إللي صار قبل شهر؟ هذه نتائج التجمع ، فن ( وهم أربع خوات منتجاتهم تصنع يدويا ، يحبون يدمجون التصميم الحديث مع القديم  ) سووا مجموعه من الصناديق البلاستيكية  عليها رسومات مستوحاة من السدو ، الأغراض ألحين معروضة في بيت السدو للبيع (تحت الطلب)
أي مصمم يقدر يشارك و يصنع أشياء مستوحاة من السدو ، و يتم عرض منتجاته للبيع عندهم
إذا حابين تعرفون أكثر عن الموضوع دقوا تلفون على 22432395


Mademoiselle said…
those are really pretty
Jood M.T said…
yeah they are really beautiful and traditional too
hey me blogging please visit my blog
i sell charms and i am 12 years old from KSA please order from me and the charms i sell can be custom order you can order anything from flake chocolate bar to a wii remote!
and i also sell cell phone keyrings , charm bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings too!
plus they are made from clay!
i hope that you'll read my post and if you did plz post back as soon as possible !
Jood M.T said…
oh and i forgot to tell you ! plz comment
Confashion said…
I like concepts where they mix traditional with modern.. nice! GmbH

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