Sole Struck

Got the spiked shoes from by Unif

Unfortunately all colors are sold out at sole struck, only pink are available - click here to order

I heard there is a girl in Kuwait who orders them for you if you want, but I' don't know who she is
Don't worry I found other online stores that sells them

They are so comfortable and soft


I also loved what my sister have done with our plain Massimo Dutti dress

She added a strap of crystal on the side

This strap of fabric used to be part of an old Max Mara dress we had, she took it off and sew it on this one, thanx sis



Fashionet said…
The shoes 7adaaa 3ajieeeeb ..3aliech bel 3afya ;* did you order your same size or bigger ? 3ashan i'm gonna order one inshalah ..
Unknown said…
Very beauctiful mashallah !!
B said…
nice! do they deliver directly to Kuwait?
Me Blogging said…
Fashonet: yes my size

Ginger: thank you

B: sole struck yes - directly to Kuwait - but we had to bring it from Bareed Kaifan
Agent F said…
Will they bring more of the black and red ? Ou 3laich bel 3afya;*

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