Goji Boutique white shirt

Remember when Goji Boutique asked a number of bloggers to style a white shirt with whatever they want from thier online store? well the looks are now published in Bazaar magazine - January 2012 issue

Look at the picture above and guess which one is mine before you scroll down





TADDDDAAAA  ... This is mine :)

Belt: Nogoy

Bangle: Isharya

Earrings: CC Skye

here are more pictures provided by the owner of Goji

see what other bloggers styled the white shirt with

Fouz from Khaleejis

see the full article on Bazaar magazine online? click here


ooh thanks for sharing! love it. mashAllah nice designs
Alya said…
I loved your outfit even before I knew it was yours! Sooo elegant.

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