Jameela Al-Marzouq's shawl collection is now available at

GIOIELLI Design located in Al-Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh in front of Living Colors Café
Tel: 66215252


photographed by me :)

and modeled by my cousin N



miss ghesquiere said…
shahtoosh is illegal. It comes from an endangered species of antelope not a goat and 3-4 need to be killed to make a scarf (they tell you they pick the hairs off bushes- they are lying). Kuwait is a signatory of the CITES treaty which bans these scarves.
I don't want to tell you what to do with your own blog but posting the sale of illegal goods is never a good idea. Just saying.
Me Blogging said…
I didn't know that

I just post shawls and make sure of what u mentioned with her
Me Blogging said…
thank you Miss ghesquiere - will check
this is beautiful & elegant! woman u're gonna make me broke in no time :P
miss ghesquiere said…
thanks so much me blogging. I didnt mean to come across as ill-spirited but just wanted to make sure that you knew.
also. dying over the mini celine.
Me Blogging said…
No its ok
Actually the mini bag is valentino :)
miss ghesquiere said…
oh i meant the one in the post on top
Me Blogging said…
in another post right? the girl with the stripped dress? (red and white?)

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