Pretty Little Things

I really don't know where to start ... I'm going to give you the short version for now of this event and tomorrow I will go into detail and translation inot Arabic 

Last night I was invited to Pretty Little Things event that took place in Villa Mini Boutiques in Odailiya, it was for bloggers only - so it was so much fun meeting everyone

Tables by Silsal

I really wanted to see their furniture collection - they have pretty items

didn't find them there or online - the sales women said that they will be available soon

she is famous for doing letters like that one she is wearing

you think its the letter


but look closer



I'm in love with love

guys place your orders now for your loved ones

its easy - contact May by email:

Didn't thought she would be there

just couple of days we were discussing her new collection of Bishts on twitter

well now I get to see it and try it on


made to order

Green Bar from Bahrain

I don't believe in beauty products

but I couldn't resist this pretty packaging and sweet scents and I bought the body oil and face oil

after trying it, I am thinking of getting me some more


pants by Poca & Poca - sneak peak on the new collection

Blouse by tucker available now online Click here

:) well we will be introducing our new necklaces collection (Ibrah necklaces) with Goji Boutique

if you are there - ask to try it on - because they are still not for sale - will be available online soon

all items are on sales starting from 5 KD

When I first saw this blouse (picture above) I thought of matching it with Tibi's electric blue pants

by Tibi - Buy

ohhh those earnings have a story - will tell you later on

Silsal I might place an order for a set of 6 coffee cups - 3 blue and 3 red

the swiss cheese holes will be on the saucer of course

Baby B 

your best choice for baby gifts - you could specify your price range 

Al-Salam International Hospital 
(+965) 2254-1280 

the invitation says sip tea under the stars

I didn't get the chance to do that :(

I'm always the last person to arrive and the last one to leave

I wanna see the stars ....

thank you all for everything and it was pleasure meeting you

Check out confation's post, people with faces - mine was faceless :)


هند said…
wow nice to share .... i wish i can get so of this items :)

thank u
Me Blogging said…
You can visit them today
Noaf H said…
Thank you meme! It was nice to meet you and thanks for coming- excited to read your next post on the event.

-Noaf, Pretty Little Things.
Ansam said…
Thanks for sharing :D I want able to go but kinda did through your post :D
May said…
It was so lovely meeting you! You are so beautiful and too sweet in person :)
Its an honor to be featured in your blog!

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