I love it when my cousins call me up and ask me to photograph them before they go to a wedding party


TheStylisH said…
Loved it!

Much luv,
fionkafied said…
The color is TDF! Mashalla ♥
You're such a sweetheart, I get really annoyed when people ask me to take their pictures haha mali barith :p
Unknown said…
Really beautiful !! I'm wondering what is the brand of the bracelets.
Me Blogging said…


:) la ana a7eb a9awer
adawer a7ad bes a9awra

one is the Love bracelet by cartier , the other 2 im not sure - maybe the gold market in Kuwait
Destination M said…
You're a great photographer wallah. The colors are so vibrant I love it!
AbSa said…
your photographs are too good :)
kuwaiteya7 said…
The bracelets are from fope jewelary sold by damas alraya
LeSouk said…
Great lighting!!
What camera do you use, and the lens too, please :)
Unknown said…
great color for a bag!
Chizwa said…
loving this picture beautiful.
Dear Romeo said…
Mashallah very beautiful!!

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