خلصنا من هبة الكب كيك الحين إحنا في هبة التي شيرتات
أدري بعضكم مل منها بس الصراحه هذول التي شيرتات ما يتطوفون - حبيتهم
   من البحرين Arabulous  

ينباعون في مجمع العالي بمحل إسمه 

bon bon

بـ 17 دينار بحريني يعني تقريبا 12 دينار كويتي

زوروا بلوقهم لمزيد من المعلومات إضغط هنا

Now we are over the cupcake trend and into the T-Shirts trend

I know some of you got bord with it but those t-shirts can't go by unnoticed

I loved them
Arabulous is based in Bahrain
sold at Bon Bon Al Aali Mall and cost BD 17  thats like KD 12
for more info visit their blog at Arabuous


LadyB_Q8 said…
Ams ga3da agol 7ag rfeejty inah now habat el tshirts 7ta bloggers abroad are into it, methel the blonde salad and style scrap book !
Me Blogging said…
eee sa7 Lady B

ana abe a7ad ysawe pijamat

7awal bes ma 3indi afkar

fa etha ako a7ad la khelg khal yabe ysawe o ana ashaj3a (etha 7ilween :p)

- abe nafs usho bes magasat khaleejiya ;)
BellePearl said…
yes Even here in abudhabi they love t-shirts and blazers i liked the idea of training suits or like u said pj something like the wildfox maybe :p
Anonymous said…
very creative ... 7abeet el besht and el shaikhah ... :D shakle bawa9e 7ad eyeeblee ..

and about the T-shirts yes .. even Latifalshamsi;s collection of van cleef are nice 7abeetom

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