What I wore to work today

What I wore to work

$273 - lagarconne.com

$630 - miumiu.com

$875 - barneys.com



I tried to create my look to work today through ployvore, everthing was correct except for the pants, as mine were from Zara, my miu miu shoes is open at front, and my watch is silver not gold


KuwaiTop Blog said…
its funny when i see the posts about ladies having to choose what to wear every day for work or for family gathering ....
when men only have to choose the shoes or even can wear same shoe for the whole week end ... in the end no other man will care less of what i will be wearing ...

right?? :p

yours truly
3zeezan - KuwaiTop
Me Blogging said…
Ya min 7athkom :)

Bes atwaga3 7ata law kint rayal ham badawer shay thani albes - its for me not for other ppl, amel labsa nafs el lebs 6ool el wagt
Anonymous said…
It's all about elegant simplicity. Love it! :)
sadia said…
I love your style!!

and like glitzyglamo said, elegant simplicity! :)

's' is for sadia
Me Blogging said…
Glizy and Sadia: thank you :)
May S. said…
Hello dear,

I love the idea.

what did u wear 2day ?!

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