Spider Cupcake

شوفوا رفيجتي مي شنو مسويه ؟

لما سألتها من وين يبتي هذي الفكره ، قالت من يوتيوب

الله يعافي يو تيوب


look what my friend Mai did ?

when I asked her how did she come up with this idea she said from youtube


Mai your spiders are so much cuter than the ones in the video


D said…
Your friend's spiders are way more tempting than the video I'm so going to do some for the kids minus the twizlers as am not much fond of them. THanks for the tips!
Sharapofa said…
Soooo inspiring ! Thank you both
looks really nice =) not a fan of making(cooking) anything but seems pretty easy and simple so just might try it =D (maybe..probably not though but yeah xD)
candy cotton said…
حدهم عجيبين وفكره رفيجتج وايد حلوه
Ghadeer said…

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