Lab 8 by Noor Khraibut

So many people get directed to my blog when they google Noor Khraibut

I have never featured Noor on my blog, I just took a picture of her in 2010 P2BK event

and this is what people get

I know that she recently opened a boutique in Jabriya, so I decided to pay her a visit and see her new place

a nice futurestic decor

and lots of trendy and edgy clothes

Lab 8 also offers costume made garments for bridals

Thank you Noor - it was nice meeting you

LAB8 is located in Jabriya, Block 1B, Street 105, Building 213 (next to Pinkberry)

Tel: 25319713

Open from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm


there is a recent interview on Al-Watan TV but I can't find it on youtube - this above is from 2010

Follow Noor on Twitter and see what she is up to Twitter

Or read Noor's Blog and learn what inspires her



هند said…
nice decore and nice to share ...
thank you
Sn3a said…
ماشاءالله واضح ان تصاميمها حلوة و الفنشنق واايد نظيف
جم الرينج مال اسعارها؟
الله يوفقها يارب
Nowair said…
Great post.. i really like her designs..and i do prefer her older look!
LadyB_Q8 said…
Mashalla the interior is amazing !
lolowah said…
Mashalah amazing ;)
This woman is a genius at what she does. This is what you get when your obsession becomes your profession. I think she has great taste when it comes to designing something for the trendy and feminine. I love seeing 7essa AlLoghani modeling her latest designs.
Ghadeer said…
her designs looks amazing

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