Blue and Yellow

مستانسه إن لما ركبت النفنوف الأصفر مع البنطرون الأزرق طلع حلو و غير ، فرحت براوي أختي

جان تقولي: هذا يبيله تفكير ؟؟؟ هذا أيكيا

وايد زييين ، أختي تخصص تقلب الشي الحلو بايخ - مشكورة ما قصرتي

I was so happy to match my yellow dress with this bright blue jeans which made it look nice and  different

I went to my sister to show her my color combination, she was like:

you spent time thinking on this look? those are Ikea colors

OMG, thank you sis, you a pro in making nice things looks awful

Dress + Pants + shoes: Zara

Bag: Valentino click here


سارة said…
lol , sorry but i agree with ur sister , i prefer beige or white pants ;P
Me Blogging said…
ya3ni gelt taghyeer
Anonymous said…
It's not ikea it's Mosta8ella :D but yet it's not that bad for color blocking
Me Blogging said…
7ilwaaaa heheheh ee wallah mustagela
عادي كل الخوت جذي ..

اختي تعيب ع اغراضي وعقب لم تشوفهم علي مع تركيب يعجبونها وساعات تلبسهم بعد خخخ

ملبوس العافيه:)
Mademoiselle said…
I liked the combination.. until I read your sister's IKEA comment.. x_X
Alla said…
Hahahhahaa,, miskeenaaa... My sis does the same to me sometimes... LOL... But I love the color combo, and it's a safest way for color blocking... I love it... =D
LadyB_Q8 said…
I likey *two thumps up*
Moody said…
Hi, I love what your wearing. May I ask you a weird question, who did your staircase? I need one badly. And I like the one you got.
Thanks :)

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