أفكر فيها



أدري بتقولون مو حلوه بس وااااااااايد عاجبتني ، اللحن مو طبيعي ، في بالي من يوم سمعتها في بلوق مارك

I know most of you won't like this song, but I Love it, first heard it on Mark's blog 

you could Download Zahed Sultan album at itunes Click here



D said…
Hahahahhah I must say I'm surprised that you liked it. I agree the music is very nice but lyrics are disastrous but again that's a smart move to sell.
Me Blogging said…
people are always surprised with my taste in music

anyways I think the lyrics and the voice are ment to be like this, that what makes it different
Nowair said…
التصوير نايس بس الكلمات مليقة excuse my French

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