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ما أصدق

تذكرون القنفات القدم إللي عندنا ونجدناهم؟ ألحين أكو نفسهم ينباعون في كركوشه - الصورة فوق لكرسينا بعد التنجيد

لقراءة البوست القديم إضغط هنا

Remember the post about renewing our old sofas? well now you could find similar ones at Karkoosha

Picture above is of our chair after changing the fabric

To read my previous post click here

كرسي كركوشه رقم 1 إضغط هنا للطلب

كرسي كركوشه رقم 2 إضغط هنا للطلب


NewQ8 Bride said…
This is your idea, waay 7ram , entay t76een kil Shay tsaweena bl blog :) t76een how to make it and where to get it , so cute of u walah
Me Blogging said…
3alaihom bel 3afya

o ohma lehom khelg ydawron o y6abgon o yebee3on
LadyB_Q8 said…
A leader of opinion , you shud be proud ;)
Me Blogging said…
ana el fekra ma alaft-ha

I was inspired by
Ansam said…
I saw once the same style in the first 52Degrees Opening last October 2010 and I loved it! I dont know if that designer still do them
Me Blogging said…
wayed 7ilo ele eb efteta7 52 degrees
Anonymous said…
ee shfta mn gabel ftra tna7t b3den gelt la mo m3qola chthy taqled ashkra ymken inty tswen lehom o ybe3ona ! :\
Me Blogging said…
lah :) chan gelt likom
D said…
Actually i thought it's you in Karkoosha doing the furniture concept.. However one can't buy one piece of furniture to have a proper seating area; need to buy at least two and I find that difficult if you're unable to test it at least.

My name is Suad & I'm the owner of KARKOOSHA. I was just informed about this post and checked it out. KARKOOSHA is an online exhibition and everything on our platform is by exhibitors that place their items with us.

I was amazed to see the similarity between the chairs but honestly this idea of using suzani on furniture is everywhere and famously came back with Bokja, but i can still see a closer resemblance to your chair.

I had a look at your previous post and also some of your other posts and I must say you are very creative and we would be honored of having you on board if you're interested.

You should be very proud that people are being inspired by you lana mashalla you have an elegant taste of style!

On behalf of the KARKOOSHA team, we deeply apologize if this offended you in any way and wish you the best of luck with your blog.

Kind regards,

Suad Al-Ghanim
Me Blogging said…
Dear Suda
Kilish ma za3alt walla tethayagt bel 3aks estanast lama shift yenba3 3ala sitkom

And u could email me on to discuss karkoosha's vision GmbH

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