Back to your Childhood Party

هذي بعض الصور لحفلة رفيجاتي في شاليهم يوم عطلة الأسبوع

شفتوا البالونات جنهم مصاصات - حلاو

Here are some pictures of my friends party that took place in their chalet last weekend

Notice the lollipop balloons picture above

و شوفوا الدووه شلون صابغينها أخضر و فوقها قوري سمعت إن شارينه من الخفجي

قصصصصه ... كل شي يايبينه من مكان ، يعطيكم العافية

see how they sprayed the fire thingy in green (we call it Dowa in Kuwaiti) and I heard the teapots are from Al-Khafji

They made and collected a lot of stuff to organize this party - thank you guys


حتى الدرابيل ملون

Even the Darabeel (traditional tea buiscute) are colored to match the theme


N.A.Y Fashion said…
Amna Al Falasi said…
mashalah amazing wish I was there :)
Alya said…
I loooooove it! Like a modern day wonderland. Loving the lollipops!
Miimii said…
Wooow its amazing ,min wain al lolypop w al darabiil ? Shakla e3aqiiid (y)
H-Alfares said…
Eshaweeg elmokan tharb o ta3baneen 3aleeh ...a7la shai elalwaan :)

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