Al -Tilal Gallery

الله يعافي كونفاشن إللي كتبت عن هذا المعرض بالتلال و حطت صور شنو عندهم جان ما رحنا

المكان كان وايد حلو ، وسيع وشرح و عرض المجوهرات مع اللوحات و القنفات الملونه كان حلو - يبيله روحه ثانية

المعرض بالتلال - يم 52 و فوق محل فندي

قاعدين إلي الخميس 1 ديسمبر

صباحا من الساعه 10:30 إلى 2:00

و عصرا من 5:30 - 9:00


God bless confashion for posting about this event - we went to check out the cute thin rings she posted

The place was lovely - wide and specious, show casing jewelry in a gallery was is great choice

I need to visit them again

The event took place in Al-Tilal Gallery - next to 52 degrees

from 29 Nov. - 1 Dec.

from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

and from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm


" Asmahan" by Aula Al-Ayoubi - 190 x 190 cm - KD 2300


أربع مشاركين  بالمعرض و اللويه كلها عند بلاك بيرل - إللي إحنا يايين عشانهم

أختي من شافت الزحمه أخترعت ، خافت الناس يخلصون الخواتم إللي تبيهم (بالصوره تحت) ، الخواتم لمصممه تركية إسمها ملكه و ماركتها إسمها كسمت بس أشوه بعدين لقينا إللي نبي ، أنا خذيت خاتم الملاك

بعدها قعدنا نشوف المشاركين الثانين و إحنا ماشين أسمع اختي تقولي ، تره هذي المصممه

أي مصممه؟؟ إلا المصممه التركية موجوده

كلش ما توقعت


There were 4 participants in the event - and all the people was gathering around Black Pearl - the ones that we came to see
My sister was so scared that people have bought all the thin rings she wanted (in picture below) the rings are designed by a Turkish Designer called Malika - her brand is called Kismet
but thank god we were able to find what we came for
I took the angel ring
After selecting our items we went to check out the other participants and while we were walking, I hear my sister telling me "that is the designer"
Which designer? she was like "the Turkish designer who made those thin rings"
OMG didn't thought she will be here
We went by and said hello, she was so sweet and I was telling how my sister loves her designs and that she is following her on twitter, but she can't understand anything because it was written in Turkish
And we suggested that she starts writing in both English and Turkish - so her international fans could understand


المصممه ملكه بالصوره - توني أدري إن أختي متابعتها بتوتر

طلع إن تصميماتها كانوا لابسنهم في المسلسل التركي العشق الممنوع إضغط هنا

Malika the designer - In this event I knew that my sister is following her and that is because her designes were  featured on the popular Turkish TV show The Forbiden Love

Milka Karaagacli

Tel: +902122653032

It was nice meeting you Malika, you looked gourgous

القنفات من تصميم بيبي الغانم - واااااايد حلوين - موجودين في

I loved the sofas at the event - designed by Bibi Al-Ghanim and they are available at 52 degrees


ذهبة بعد دودوهوني من كثر ما أغراضهم حلوين - ليما ألحين أفكر آخذ التراشي و له لأ

Th-hab had a wonderful collection as well and Im still not sure to take the earings or not

"Dervish" by Ahmed Abu Al-Adas - 150 x 150 cm  - KD 1850

و ختمناها عشاء في

we had dinner at Choowy Goowy at 52 degrees - next to the gallery
choowy goowy @ 52 Degrees

Will do the translation tomorrow - its late right now

and thank you black pearl girls I had lots of fun and it was really nice meeting you


Ghadeer said…
wow u had the chance to get them
i want the rings too :(
how much were they ?
Chizwa said…
the ma3rath was fantastic, and one of the nicest things was seeing you guys as well..
Anonymous said…
Loved the rings yhablooon
Waleed salman said…
مشالله وايد حلوين الخواتم عليكم بالعافيه
Reem said…
Loved the rings to die for!!,,bs el asawer el red w grey men wain a5thenhm mara 7lwa abgha zayha ;$
Anonymous said…
me me
قديه متوسط الاسعار للخواتم عند بلا بيرل عندك فكرة ؟؟؟؟
r00n4 said…
I loved the rings how much are the angle wings one for?
Me Blogging said…
50 kd el wings (thin ones)

The red ribbons they have them too so contact them they might be able to send u

A reader informed me that she can't reach them through email and tel - so I suggest u try contacting them through facebook - click their name in the post (black pearl) and u will be directed to their facebook page

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