Friday Gathering

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Belt: Zara

Shoes: River Island
Bag: Fendi

Dress / Pants / Shoes: Zara
Bag: Chanel

Necklace: Uterque


sadia said…
LOVE each and every one of those looks!

But what I really love is the Zara dress worn with the black pants! I'm feeling inspired!

's' is for sadia
هند said…
mashallah nice photos and cloth ...
all the best
Ansam said…
Amazing Pics as usual MeBlogging! I will steal The Salted Caramel Pic for All Wrapped Up please :*
Me Blogging said…
U r welcome Ansam :)
very nice outfits<3 please can you tell me from where you got the beautiful necklace?
Me Blogging said…
Which pic? The last one?
I'm not sure maybe from Hoss!
Anonymous said…
beautiful! :) I've missed you Friday gathering pictures! :)
no mu the last one the one elly fee nafs triangular mirrors
Me Blogging said…
ee ana katba ta7ta min Uterque
eee tawni sheftaa, al7en etha re7t alga? wella menzeman? ou el necklace elly makhthena min Ibra msawen nafsa?
ou thanks alot;*
Me Blogging said…
Madre wallah etha ako mina wela la

bes ana akher mara re7t uterque ma shifta

o mal fashionista :) mi7na msaween nafsa :) bes 3a6ana fekra nsawe necklace shway laha 3ilaga bel a7jar

kila under process
LadyB_Q8 said…
Loved your outfit <3
Aqeela Hussain said…
amazing as usal dear.. love love love it xxxx <3.. ! love the combinantion bewteen zara dress with the blud cardigan.. so pretty.. !

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