Friday Gathering - different location

تذكرون القماش الترتر إللي شارينه من ألف سنه؟ أخيرا صار عندي وقت أودي الخياط يسويه  ، بس النتيجة كلش مو حلوه ، الكموم وايد وساع ، القماش الترتر وايد ثقيل ينسحب لي وره ، و يقزز بعد ، حتى لو مبطن من داخل ، يظل أطراف القماش الترتر تقزز . المهم حاولت و شفت النتيجة ، يبيله تعديلات وايد

Remember the sequins fabric I bought looong long time ago? well I had time to take it to the tailor and do this, a long T-Shirt, I didn't like the result, the sleeves are too wide , the sequin fabric is too heavy that it get pulled at the back, totally not flattering and it's itchy too, although its all covered from the inside but the edges of the sequin fabric that itches. ohh well I tried.


Pure said…
i think it looks nice !! bas nag9a a very thin metallic waist belt
D said…
It's looks nice walla. The sleeves doesn't look that big and it suits you well with the straight pants.
Unknown said…
I agree with the girls!! I love it, it really looks nice !!
Amani said…
bil3ks it looks adorable & if it pulled to the much of bothering you, you might think of adding that rubber pieces as what get used in the lingerie. & about the itchy edges take it back to the tailor to fix them up .. i hate when this happens with those stupid tailors :/
it can be fixed believe me cos the result is gorgeous mashallah
Yoona said…
where is this place? the location?

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