The Fabric Market - البلوكات

البلوكات متابعين الموده يحليلهم، ما خلوا شي

It seems that the stores at the Fabric Market are following the latest trends in fashion

يشبه إللي أنا مسويته القلب حق إبره

those strips of long beads looks like the Dancing Necklace I made for Ibrah :)

قلب إبره ينباع عند هدية ستيشن إضغط هنا بـ 35 دينار

و ملوتهم بـ 3 دنانير و نص

جوخ مقصوص طوال و مشكوك بالخرزبضبط نفس ما انا مسويته  ، أظن تشترينه و تخيطينه بعدين على البلوزه ، مافي دبوس

Ibrah's necklace is sold at hadeya station - KD 35

and what they have is only for KD 3.500

Their beads are sewed on a strip of felt, and they are exactly like the ones on the dancing necklace

They have no pins at the back, you have to sew it on the blouse or dress you have


المحل إسمه عروس الجزيرة

تلفون 22436480

مادري وين مكانه بالضبط بس جنه لما أطلع من التراث الهندي يكون بره مع باجي محلات الكلف و الإكسسوارات

The store's name is Aroos Al-Jazeera (translation: the island's bride)

Tel: 22436480

I don't know where exactly they are located, all I knew that they are outside when I wnet out from The Indian Hiratage store


Ansam said…
I love your blog and your personality :) Wallah you are so honest, genuine, and sweet :) Ya3ni 7a6a sheghel ebra o sheghel el blockat o emqarna el as3aar with complete transparency :) hatha en dal 3ala shay yedel 3ala theqatich eb nafsich :D Allah yewafgich :D
Unknown said…
7abibti Me Blogging you are teaching us the real meaning of sharing, and it's rubbing off on all of us as well - keep doing what you do :)

oh and i can never say this enough times : I LUV BLOOKAT
DoDoq8 said…
ybela blokat soon thanks me blogging :*
AKF said…
I love that store! I get tons of stuff from there every time I go to the fabric shops <3

Thanks for sharing!
LadyB_Q8 said…
This shop is amazing !
I got some stuff for the tshirts :)

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