Day Dreaming


If I was a fashion designer at Zara … this is what I will be doing


Inside the Woman Department , you will investigate and propose the trends, you will be in charge of the model design and color election, as you will be responsible for a line of products. To investigate and to establish the trends that are going to define and mark the season: trip to fairs, shopping, show - rooms, fashionable magazines...
Design and Selection of fabrics, development of prints and colors. Integration and coordination with the rest of the team of designers and buyers.
Permanent contact and suppliers follow up. Elaboration of specification Technical S. and coordination with pattern design establishing the rectifications in the models up to the production of the first prototype. To supervise the confection of the first sample and the tests realize on the model/manikin. To gather information about the demands of the clients / shop



The best part (trip to fairs, shopping, show - rooms, fashionable magazines)



Laish day dreaming ?

U can do that if u want to :)

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