Dar TrTr

More pictures to come at Dar TrTr Facebook page

The collection will be available at Pop-up Shop at 360 Mall

If your not living in Kuwait you could place your order by email @ dartrtr@gmail.com


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous mashallah, the clothes and the photos. Any tips to make my blog photos look better?

honey said…
mashala il dara3a il purple wayed 7lwaa

i licked the makeup in the 1st 2 picturs ho did it ?
DAR TRTR said…
thnak u nyo22 for your comment and the photos look amazing thanks to my blogger freind 'meblogging'
DAR TRTR said…
thank u shahad for your comment the make up was done at la mode salon.
Unknown said…
ماشاء الله شغلك بطل ,,
وتصويرك احلى ,,
بس بسالك ايش الاضائه اللي تستخدمينها ؟؟
و اعدادات الكميره ؟؟
HeY$h0na said…
وايد عجبني تصويرج ومن شدة اعجابي شكرتج في مدونتي
لما ضفة بعض الصور من تشكيلتهم اليديده

Caramel Scoops said…
Hi! Dar trtr's facebook page isnt working, i'd like to contact them to know about the prices.. Can u help me with that?

Amazzzzing pictures btw mashallah
Me Blogging said…
Caramel Scoops
I think u have to log in to view there page.

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